The Journey Of My Real Estate Business

And Some Other Tips Along The Way, Like Finance/Budgeting!

I am Jeff, an aspiring real estate investor from Kingston, TN. This blog will feature my journey and will be written like a diary. Meaning I took notes over the course of starting the business, finding deals, how to remodel, how to sell it, etc. I want to show people that it isn’t like HGTV makes it out to be. It’s challenging stuff, but it’s pretty fun too. My therapist advised me to start writing shit down, so here you go. Well, I need to grow my business website on Google too, but I will keep that out of the equation. In addition to all of this, I will tell you how My wife and I became debt free (other than our house). Hopefully you get some entertainment.  I thought it would be a grand idea to start a brand new business with a kid on the way, right smack dab in the middle of global pandemic. Enjoy!

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